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When it comes to nutrition, it's hard to decipher the good from the bad. One day something is good for you, the next day it's not.  Fad diets are a dime a dozen. It can all just be a bit overwhelming and lead to no lasting change.

I am here to filter out the noise and help you set attainable nutrition goals that set you up for long term success. My one-on-one nutrition and wellness sessions are more than just a robotic review of your food diary, it's a time for me to get to know you and to help you make small, incremental changes that will lead to lasting success. 

Whether you are seeking weight loss, looking to crush workouts in the gym, or just looking to make smarter choices when it comes to food, I can help. My approach isn't a one-size-fits-all. My aim is to get to know you and figure out what works best for you. Whether that is tracking macros, aiming for an 80/20 approach to eating, or just adding in more plant-based foods, together we will come up with a program fit for you and your goals.

Contact me today to set up your free one-on-one session where we can chat about your goals and come up with a personalized nutrition program to not only reach, but exceed these goals! 




  • Twice monthly hour long check-ins in person or over the phone

  • Goal tracking worksheet with additional resources

  • Consistently open lines of communication